As a teacher, you should always make your students more excited and engaged in learning. Many tricks can help you in boosting your student’s engagement in class. Those tips have worked wonderfully for many students. This is something that can be achieved by making the necessary changes in your classroom without changing the curriculum.

Using games

Students are always interested in participating in games. These are some of the activities that make a huge impact on them. This can be done by calling all the activities “games.” For instance, you can have some units that teach them genre puzzle

Your units should be well-structured to give your students some points when they complete certain tasks. This will motivate them towards “winning” something. They should be allowed to move to the next tasks once they have completed their current ones. This goes on with each task giving them more points. Apart from rewarding the best students, everyone deserves some points for the effort made.

Using a theatrical voice and a mic

Using a mic can make a huge difference when teaching is going on. The device chosen should be equipped with a high-quality theatrical voice. As a teacher, you can also make use of different characters in your presentations. This is the best way of keeping things interesting. For instance, you can decide to use a “student voice” when asking questions.

Apart from being interesting, this will also keep them listening. Alternatively, you can use a careful pause or drawn-out syllables to emphasize something. This will make it funny thereby breaking up the monotony of your presentation.


Using catchphrases

The use of catchphrases is another great idea. Most of these phrases are borrowed from other teachers like those who taught you in the past. For instance, you can say, “That is your personal issue!”, When, a student, says that he does not have a book. This is something that can make them laugh. These phrases are meant to make learning more interesting and fun.

Telling stories

Telling some short stories can help you in refocusing your class. The story chosen should be short and pertinent to your content. For instance, when you are teaching about singular nouns, you can tell them a story about a certain message that you received that was done wrong.story telling

Using nicknames

This involves making use of fun nicknames for the different kids in your class. The names chosen should not be offensive in any way. Again, you should pick names that do not scare them. This is the best way of making the class fun and engaging the students.